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Oct 13 2009

Command History with Arrow Keys in ksh

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Arrows aren’t used in ksh as a default. To enable command history like in Bash, add the following lines in the .profile or .kshrc file:  ^P, ^N, etc aren’t one single character. Enter Ctrl-V and Ctrl-P to display them in vi. Auto-completion is only available for files, not commands. Press either twice on the escape key, […]

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Jul 02 2009

Access Windows, Unix and AS400 from AS400/IBM i

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IBM i can communicate with all major operating systems to reach remote files: Windows, Linux and any Unix flavour, and other IBM i of course. It provides multiple filesystems that let you access remote shares. A diagram of these filesystems is available on IBM website. Windows Shared Folders IBM i communicates with Windows servers with […]

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Jan 21 2009

Find Duplicate Files with a Shell Script

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This shell script finds duplicate files in a given directory comparing their (md5) checksum. This means the content is checked and is strictly identical, rather than the filename or date of creation. This is usually useful to delete large files. ‘Find’ command option -size can help speeding up and finding the largest duplicate files.   […]

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Nov 15 2008

Compile Twice as Fast with Make

Published by under DevOps,Linux

Even though GNU “make” utility retrieves a lot of information off the system it’s running on, many times I have to wait a long time to get binaries compiled. It seems “make” doesn’t always pick the best settings to compile applications. I searched how I could speed up compilation times and here are some interesting […]

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Aug 29 2008

Restrict LDAP / NIS User Access on Unix

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A lot of networks use LDAP or NIS to authenticate users on Linux servers and any Unix flavours. There is no policy control by default and all users in the central LDAP database have access to all servers.Access can be restricted to some of the accounts adding them into the default passwd file if the […]

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