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Oct 13 2009

Command History with Arrow Keys in Ksh

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Arrows aren’t used in ksh as a default. To enable command history like in Bash, add the following lines in the .profile or .kshrc file: # Switch to Emacs mode # Only Emacs mode lets you make use of arrow keys set -o emacs # Go back in command history (up arrow) alias __A=’^P’ # […]

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Jul 02 2009

Access Windows, Unix and AS400 from AS400

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Windows Windows shares can be mounted on /QNTC filesystem. Create a folder is all needs to be done. MKDIR ‘/QNTC/MY_SERVER’ Walk through remote directory: WRKLNK ‘/QNTC/MY_SERVER’   IP address can also be used in place of the server name: mkdir ‘/QNTC/IPADDR’ wrklnk ‘/QNTC/IPADDR’   Note: Pay attention to Windows rights. It doesn’t seem to be […]

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Jan 22 2009

How to Add a Permanent Static Route in AIX 4.3

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To add a permanent static route in AIX, add the route command in the startup file /etc/ AIX Server.root / # route add -net -netmask   or use AIX interface Smitty (preferred):   AIX Server.root / # smitty -> Communications applications and Services -> TCIP/IP -> Further Configuration -> Static Routes -> […]

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