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Oct 13 2009

Command History with Arrow Keys in ksh

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Arrows aren’t used in ksh as a default. To enable command history like in Bash, add the following lines in the .profile or .kshrc file:  ^P, ^N, etc aren’t one single character. Enter Ctrl-V and Ctrl-P to display them in vi. Auto-completion is only available for files, not commands. Press either twice on the escape key, […]

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May 18 2009

Export NFS shares in AIX

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Here are pretty simple steps required to export NFS shares in AIX. Export NFS Shares on Server Edit /etc/exports (or create it if it doesn’t exist) and add folders you would like to share: Option access restricts the list of clients, root allows to mount the share by root user on the remote system. Start related […]

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Jan 22 2009

How to Add a Permanent Static Route in AIX 4.3

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To add a permanent static route in AIX, add the route command in the startup file /etc/ or use Smitty, AIX text interface to perform global system management (preferred): AIX Server.root / # smitty-> Communications applications and Services-> TCIP/IP-> Further Configuration-> Static Routes-> Add a Static RouteThen type in the new static route settings.

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