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Jan 12 2011

Store Windows Credentials

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Windows prompt for a login and password when the current logged in user wants to access a share on a different domain or workgroup. It is possible to store identification information or “credentials” so you’re not prompted for the login and password every time you access the Windows share.   Command Line   Server_address can […]

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Aug 29 2008

Restrict LDAP or NIS Users Access on Unix

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A lot of networks use LDAP or NIS to authenticate users on servers. There is no policy control by default and access is granted to all users in the central database. Access can be restricted to some of the accounts adding them into the default passwd file if the compat mode is set. This works […]

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Sep 26 2006

Apache Authentication against Active Directory

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A typical setup in a company consists of Windows clients authenticating on a 2000 or 2003 server running Active Directory. Many also have an Apache server on which they could host their Intranet or other critical information. Talking about critical information, there are good chances access should be restricted to certain groups of people in […]

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