Jul 02 2009

Access Windows, Unix and AS400 from AS400

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Windows shares can be mounted on /QNTC filesystem. Create a folder is all needs to be done.


Walk through remote directory:


IP address can also be used in place of the server name:

mkdir '/QNTC/IPADDR'
wrklnk '/QNTC/IPADDR'

Note: Pay attention to Windows rights. It doesn’t seem to be fully compatible.
Active Directory can also be a problem in some cases.
AS400 and the Windows machine are supposed to be in the same WORKGROUP but it seems to work fine if they’re not


AS400 appropriate directory is /QOpenSys.
Export the shared folder with NFS (Network FileSystem) from the AIX server (or any Unix system that supports NFS). It has to be mountable by root.

MKDIR '/mnt/mountpoint'
MOUNT TYPE(*NFS) MFS('SERVER_IP:/mydir') MNTOVRDIR('/mnt/mountpoint')
WRKLNK /mnt/mountpoint



Same story again with /QFileSrv.400

I couldn’t make it work with the IP address. I had to create a static entry, the mountpoint next:


(Reachable from menu GO NETWORK -> TCP/IP Administration -> Configure TCP/IP -> Work with

TCP/IP host table entries -> Add)
MKDIR '/QFileSvr.400/AS400_hostname'

To make the mount point persistant through IPLs (reboots), add the mkdir command to the startup program (QSTRUP).

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