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Jul 05 2017

Hardware Scanning and Auto Update in GLPI

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Having loads of physical sites, it is extremely difficult to keep track of device’s locations, and even if you do, you may not be aware some people moved computers or printers around to a new place without telling; It can also be useful to know where a device was last seen.More importantly, do you know […]

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May 29 2017

Determine OS within FTP Session

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The “QUOTE” FTP keyword is essential to allow a user to run system-specific commands on servers (eg SITE or ALLO)   Most FTP clients send a NOOP – that actually is a dummy packet – to keep the connection up ftp> quote noop 200 NOOP ok.   QUOTE SYST returns the Operating System the FTP […]

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Apr 22 2017

Managed Service Account Fails after Reboot

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Windows services can be started with a Managed Service Account (MSA) for the sake of security and easy management. It was working just fine until I initiated a server reboot. The service would not start. Opening the service and wiping out the password field makes the service start again. What could be wrong?Let’s focus on […]

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Apr 06 2017

Windows Managed Service Accounts

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Managed service accounts appeared with Windows 2008 R2 Server. MSA provide a dedicated account for each service without the hassle of managing password assignment or reset; less management, more security. However, an account can only be used on one server.   Setting up a service account is done in 2 steps: Create it on the […]

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Mar 21 2017

Count Results in PowerShell

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  I was astonished to see PowerShell would display nothing when it should count 0 or 1.   Here’s a screenshot retrieving the number of AD accounts.   Instead use the Measure cmdLet and select the count value: C:\>(Get-ADUser -filter {SamAccountName -like “dron*”} | select SamAccountName | measure).count 1     Another useful command: The […]

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