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Apr 06 2017

Windows Managed Service Accounts

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Managed service accounts appeared with Windows 2008 R2 Server. MSA provide a dedicated account for each service without the hassle of managing password assignment or reset; less management, more security. However, an account can only be used on one server.   Setting up a service account is done in 2 steps: Create it on the […]

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Mar 21 2017

Count Results in PowerShell

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  I was astonished to see PowerShell would display nothing when it should count 0 or 1.   Here’s a screenshot retrieving the number of AD accounts.   Instead use the Measure cmdLet and select the count value: C:\>(Get-ADUser -filter {SamAccountName -like “dron*”} | select SamAccountName | measure).count 1     Another useful command: The […]

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Oct 09 2015

Exchange Default Retention Policy Does Not Apply

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You have configured in EAC or Powershell a retention policy that should clean up your deleted items for instance but it does not apply to your mailboxes.   As suggested on Microsoft, the default policy is applied when you create an archive for the mailbox. But you’re unlucky since the archive feature in Exchange 2010 […]

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