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Sep 06 2015

Remove Files Older Than

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System admins face more and more ever-growing directories storing auto-generated reports by scripts or scheduled tasks. Same goes to temp directories and nobody bother cleaning them up. But isn’t it our job? Here are 2 simple scripts that can be run every so often to delete files older than say 30 days for instance. The […]

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Dec 15 2012

Windows Remote Server/NAS Backup Script

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robocopy is provided with the Windows 2003 Server resource kit tools or natively in Windows 2008 Server. Robocopy lets you copy but more interestingly synchronize data from a server (or a NAS) to another Windows server. Synchronization takes little bandwidth and can be used to backup data over a slow network link.   Here’s a […]

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Dec 07 2011

Merge Files in DOS

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You can easily concatenate ascii or binary files with the Windows command prompt using COPY:   COPY /A file1.txt+file2.txt dest.txt COPY /B file1.bin+file2.bin dest.bin   Where dest is the destination filename

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