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Mar 21 2017

Count Results in PowerShell

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  I was astonished to see PowerShell would display nothing when it should count 0 or 1.   Here’s a screenshot retrieving the number of AD accounts.   Instead use the Measure cmdLet and select the count value: C:\>(Get-ADUser -filter {SamAccountName -like “dron*”} | select SamAccountName | measure).count 1     Another useful command: The […]

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Mar 09 2017

Move RDS profiles to another volume/drive

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You’re in charge of a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) server but unfortunately, C: drive starts running out of space, RDS profiles being on that same volume. Lucky enough, a huge amount of space remains on D: drive, but how shall I migrate?   You can run a GPO that creates new profiles in D: like […]

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Oct 06 2016

Processing CSV Files with Perl and Bash

Published by under Linux

Olivier, a friend of mine, had to parse a CSV file and took the opportunity to benchmark the performance of 3 programming languages.   The file contains server names and disks he needs to add up into a hash table in order to get the total disk space for each server. He assumes on his […]

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