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Feb 05 2013

No SNMP Response from Fortigate Firewall

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SNMP protocol is used to get a lot of metrics on most network hardware. I configured SNMP on the internal interface of a Fortigate 100D from Fortinet, and even though the enable checkbox is ticked, I am getting a timeout running cfgmaker (to configure MRTG) or snmpwalk. No SNMP response from the Fortigate. I do […]

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Jul 23 2010

Files Required for SNMP Installation

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You want to enable SNMP feature on Windows 2003 Server or Windows XP but don’t have the installation CD anymore. Here you will find the following list of files required for SNMP that are available for download.They should also work on Windows XP Exhaustive file list:  Download

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Apr 10 2009

Monitor and Graph AS400 Resources with SNMP

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AS400 CPU and memory resources can be retrieved with the SNMP protocol if SNMP service has been enabled. Values are not directly exploitable and need to be worked on before being displayed. All of these commands were executed on a Linux server. Check your Linux distribution to install snmpwalk that probably has a package for […]

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Mar 19 2009

Graph Only One Value in MRTG

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MRTG needs at least 2 values to generate graphs. Thus, Most configurations contain the same OID twice in the target line. This leads to 2 problems: – The same data is collected twice which requires more bandwidth, especially when a large number of hosts is monitored – The value may vary during this very short […]

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