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Feb 05 2013

No SNMP Response from Fortigate Firewall

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SNMP protocol is used to get a lot of metrics on most network hardware. I configured SNMP on the internal interface of a Fortigate 100D from Fortinet, and even though the enable checkbox is ticked, I am getting a timeout running cfgmaker (to configure MRTG) or snmpwalk. No SNMP response from the Fortigate. I do […]

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Aug 16 2010

Fortigate Dialup VPN Client Do Not Get DHCP Lease

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We use Fortinet VPN client Forticlient to connect to our Fortigate firewall with IPSEC encryption. We’d like to give clients a DHCP address so we do not have anything to manage other than user authentication. Dialup VPN client do not seem to get an IP address although a DHCP pool is created and “DHCP-IPsec” is […]

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