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Nov 08 2022

Turn a Terraform Map of Maps into a Single Map…

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…Or how to avoid the ‘Call to function “merge” failed: arguments must be maps or objects, got “tuple”.’ error message. Maps of maps example. Issue Producing a Single Map Here’s a typical 2 level data structure that fits users in subgroups, themselves belonging to departments: There are good chances you will need to flatten that […]

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Feb 24 2022

Manage DNS Records with Terraform

Published by under DevOps,Terraform

Terraform helps building infrastructure as code. More and more hosting providers now offer Terraform plugins that let you handle DNS zones. Gandi is one of them along with OVH and many others. Let’s give it a try while version 2 has just ben released, and see how we can push DNS records to Gandi from […]

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Jan 26 2022

Terraform Shared Resources: SSH Keys Case Study

Published by under DevOps,Terraform

Terraform lets you automate infrastructure creation and change in the cloud, what is commonly called infrastructure as code. I need to create a virtual machine, which must embed 3 SSH keys that belong to administrators. I want this Terraform shared resource to be reusable by other modules. This example on IBM Cloud is based on […]

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Apr 13 2021

Make Ansible 6X Faster with these 3 Tips

Published by under Ansible

Speed up Ansible with 3 easy tweaks and more

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Apr 01 2021

Build Ansible Inventory from IBM Cloud Resources

Published by under Ansible,Python

IBM Cloud relies on Softlayer API – also called IBM Classic Infrastructure – to automate things. The API is available in different languages such as Python, Go, Java or PHP, and can be used to build an Ansible inventory. Here I will generate automatically a host inventory collected from my IBM Cloud account, directly usable […]

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