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Dec 13 2014

Hyper-v vhd Virtual Disk Does Not Reduce

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You’ve freed up a lot of space on your hyper-v virtual machine and tried to compact the vhd file but no luck, it doesn’t shrink as much as it should.   Here are a few things I tested: Defrag, shrink volume from the VM disk manager, Defrag adding the vhd on another VM as a […]

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Sep 17 2014

A few Things to Know Before Migrating to Exchange 2013

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Here are a few issues I came accross while migrating to Exchange 2013. 1/ Add all Exchange servers DNS in your local host files in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, or you may get email stuck in queues, get timeouts while sending emails (some sessions would never get a response to the last dot ending the message)Could this be due […]

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Aug 27 2014

LVS: a Free Load-Balancer for Microsoft Exchange

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Microsoft Exchange traffic can be load-balanced with Microsoft NLB but it requires to set up 4 Exchange servers for the sake that NLB isn’t compatible with (Exchange) cluster. Most Microsoft guys do not recommend it.Among NLB downsides, Exchange services are monitored with a basic ping, meaning the service is considered to be active even if […]

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Jan 29 2014

Download extpart and Extend the Windows C: Partition

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Dell have released ExtPart, a free piece of software you can download that works on any hardware (I was successful on HP servers).Windows 2003 doesn’t provide any tool to extend the boot partition, Diskpart working with secondary volumes only. Download Extpart Dell Basic Disk Expansion on Dell website. You may get a message it is not […]

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