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Aug 25 2016

List AS400 User Profiles and their Default JOBQ

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I want to do a bit of cleanup on our main IBM i because users jobs are running in all sort of queues. Most users have a dedicated JOBD and JOBQ, which is wrong in my humble opinion. A user’s JOBQ is defined within the user’s JOBD (Job Description). A JOBD references a JOBQ and […]

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Feb 22 2016

AS400 Mass Object Owner Change

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Change Owner Through IBM i Terminal There are many ways to change an object owner on IBM i. With CHGOBJOWN for a single object, or WRKOBJOWN then press 9 for each object if you want to start with all objects belonging to somebody.Changing ownership of thousands of objects this way will be very painful and […]

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Feb 18 2016

SSH, Default Shell and Command History on AS400

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QSHELL and PASE on IBM i are nice tools but remain quite limited with the fixed size 5250 window with no scroll bars. Let’s see how to make it better with a secure SSH connection and a few tricks.  Launch SSH Daemon Considering SSH is installed on your AS400 ie 5733SC1 (OpenSSH, OpenSSL, zlib) in […]

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Sep 27 2015

Language Version Mismatch Upgrading IBM Client Access

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IBM i Client Access – also called Client Access for iSeries – is Windows traditional heavy client to connect to AS400 platforms. While upgrading Client Access, I get a language version mismatch error some time to time.  The primary language version Mri2924 that is currently installed does not match the language version MRI2924 to which […]

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May 26 2015

Run AS400 Session on Windows Startup

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You may need to launch AS400 sessions at boot for various reasons such as automated scripts or print sessions. Here are a few pitfalls you may encounter. First of all, sessions wouldn’t launch without pcsws.exe extra parameters /H – for Hidden – and eventually /Q – to hide the IBM popup window. pcsws.exe options are […]

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