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Oct 06 2016

Processing CSV Files with Perl and Bash

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Olivier, a friend of mine, had to parse a CSV file and took the opportunity to benchmark the performance of 3 programming languages.   The file contains server names and disks he needs to add up into a hash table in order to get the total disk space for each server. He assumes on his […]

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Oct 02 2016

Double Microsoft Exchange and Mail Relay on a Remote Site

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You have an Exchange server (or cluster) that communicates to the outside world through a mail relay (also called smarthost in Microsoft terminology), usually in a DMZ. You’d now like to give some high availability to this infrastructure, that could ideally cover a disaster recovery plan. This can be achieved doubling servers on a second […]

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Sep 24 2016

How to Reuse Exchange SSL Certificate on Apache Web Server

Published by under Apache,Exchange,Mail,Security

While generating a Microsoft Exchange (or IIS web server) certificate, take the opportunity to add extra domain names and reuse it on Apache web servers. This will save you a few bucks and time, unless the CA provides a certificate for multiple platforms. First off, copy the pfx file generated with Exchange on the Apache […]

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Aug 25 2016

List AS400 User Profiles and their Default JOBQ

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I want to do a bit of cleanup on our main IBM i because users jobs are running in all sort of queues. Most users have a dedicated JOBD and JOBQ, which is wrong in my humble opinion. A user’s JOBQ is defined within the user’s JOBD (Job Description). A JOBD references a JOBQ and […]

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Feb 22 2016

AS400 Mass Object Owner Change

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Through IBM i Command Line There are many ways to change an object owner on IBM i. With CHGOBJOWN for a single object, or WRKOBJOWN then press 9 for each object if you want to start with all objects belonging to somebody.Changing ownership of thousands of objects this way will be very painful and time […]

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