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Jan 26 2022

Terraform Shared Resources: SSH Keys Case Study

Published by under DevOps,Terraform

Terraform lets you automate infrastructure creation and change in the cloud, what is commonly called infrastructure as code. I need to create a virtual machine, which must embed 3 SSH keys that belong to administrators. I want this Terraform shared resource to be reusable by other modules. This example on IBM Cloud is based on […]

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Oct 09 2021

Auto Renew LetsEncrypt Certificates on Kubernetes

Published by under Kubernetes

Install cert-manager Cert-manager comes as a Helm chart with its own custom resources you can install on your Kubernetes cluster. It helps certificates automation, renewal and management. It is a MUST have when you deal with certificate providers who offer APIs that let you automate these processes. On the side, you’d better renew LetsEncrypt certificate […]

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Apr 01 2021

Build Ansible Inventory from IBM Cloud Resources

Published by under Ansible,Python

IBM Cloud relies on Softlayer API – also called IBM Classic Infrastructure – to automate things. The API is available in different languages such as Python, Go, Java or PHP, and can be used to build an Ansible inventory. Here I will generate automatically a host inventory collected from my IBM Cloud account, directly usable […]

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