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Nov 30 2012

IPTables Traffic Redirection on Linux

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Whether you need to redirect telnet or ssh connections through a server because you don’t have direct access to your final destination or you’re planning a web server migration, traffic forwarding comes in handy in many situations.This is easily achieved on Linux distributions that come with IPtables. Yes, iptables isn’t just for ACL rules, but […]

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Jan 14 2011

Multipath on iSCSI Disks and LVM Partitions on Linux

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Here are a few steps to configure iSCSI disks on Linux. Although I set this up on a Redhat Enterprise connected to an HP MSA 2012i, the whole configuration remains generic and can be applied to any SAN.I will add another post to check how both Linux and Windows perform on the same iSCSI device, […]

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Aug 12 2010

Backup a Directory when Modified

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I use this script to keep a full local backup of my tftp directory on Linux. It keeps the archive only if some of the files were modified. It can be used for any directory indeed. There are the files produced:   [root@tftp_server backup]$ ls -l -rw-r—– 1 tftp tftp 124200 May 1 04:04 tftp-20100501.tgz […]

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Feb 09 2010

Display Network Stats on Linux with Iptables

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As for any firewall, iptables is able to do network statistics reporting. the -v (–verbose) option along with the list switch (-L) show packets and bytes counters.Network stats are available on a per rule basis. Here is an example on the INPUT chain:   In this example, you could split the RELATED and ESTABLISHED state rule […]

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Dec 31 2009

Linux Console Remote Access from HP iLO Interface

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iLO is a management interface supporting SSH, available on HP Proliant servers. It provides interesting features such as remotely powering the server on and off.But it is also possible to access the Linux console and reboot in single mode remotely. How handy is that!?  BIOS While booting up, press F9 to go in the BIOS […]

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