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May 08 2013

Include Stored Procedures in Mysql Backups

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Most of us use mysqldump utility to backup Mysql databases. Be aware because mysqldump includes triggers by default but stored procedures and functions are ignored.Stored procedures and functions are called routines in Mysql all together. Run mysqldump –help and you will see FALSE for routine’s default value. You can include stored procedures and functions adding […]

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Dec 15 2012

Windows Remote Server/NAS Sync and Backup Files

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robocopy is a tool that copies files but more interestingly, it lets you synchronize data from a server (or a NAS) to another Windows server. It is provided with the Windows 2003 Server resource kit tools or natively in Windows 2008 Server and above.Synchronization takes little bandwidth with Robocopy and can be a good way […]

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Nov 10 2011

Delete Backup Exec B2D Files

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Here’s a script that deletes all the Backup Exec B2D files part of a media set. Stick the following script into a .bat file and edit the first 3 settings Mediaset, B2Dfolder and BEPath.You can run it straight. I consider it is good practice to do for the following reasons:– You can of course set the […]

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Aug 12 2010

Backup a Directory when Modified

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I use this script to keep a full local backup of my tftp directory hosted on Linux. It keeps the archive only if some of the files were modified. It lets me restore in a quicker way than using a heavy backup software, which can be used beside to secure the backup elsewhere.The shell script […]

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Jul 26 2008

Mysql Ultra-Fast Backup with LVM

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It is generally good practice to respect the two following rules when backing up databases. The backup has to be: consistent fast Consistency is easily achieved putting a read lock on all tables beforehand. However, this isn’t always applied, and WILL definitely lead to a database integrity problem when restoring.Once a lock has been set […]

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