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Jan 29 2014

Download extpart and Extend the Windows C: Partition

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Windows 2003 Server and XP do not provide any tool to extend the boot partition. Diskpart, Microsoft default disk manager, works with secondary volumes only.In this context, Dell have released ExtPart, a free piece of software you can download for free that works on any hardware (I was successful on HP servers). Download Extpart Dell […]

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Feb 23 2011

MSA 2012i SAN Performance Windows vs Linux

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I’ve noticed backups are getting slower and slower over time going from 500 to 2500MB/min throughput. I run backups on 2 dedicated RAID0 disks hosted on a iSCSI MSA array first, and duplicate them on tapes. Since I want to use the same array for a new database project, I want to measure and tune […]

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Jan 14 2011

Multipath on iSCSI Disks and LVM Partitions on Linux

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Here are a few steps to configure iSCSI disks on Linux. Although I set this up on a Redhat Enterprise connected to an HP MSA 2012i, the whole configuration remains generic and can be applied to any SAN.I will add another post to check how both Linux and Windows perform on the same iSCSI device, […]

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Oct 28 2010

How to Extend a Windows Partition

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Extend a Windows volume in command line is pretty easy on Windows with the Diskpart utility. It is available on all Windows flavours. It needs to be done everytime a partition is extended on a SAN for example.Note that this works for secondary partitions, you need a special tool to extend the C: drive.

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