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Feb 05 2013

No SNMP Response from Fortigate 100D

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Even though SNMP is enabled on the internal interface, I get a timeout running cfgmaker (to configure MRTG) or snmpwalk. I did not get this issue on a Fortiwifi 60B.   The trick is you have to configure the management interface and query that interface if you want to get SNMP information for all other […]

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Jul 23 2010

Files Required for SNMP Installation

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Installation with no CDROM, for windows 2003 server Should work on XP File list: accserv.mib evntwin.exe ipforwd.mib mripsap.mib smi.mib apver.vbs ftp.mib lmmib2.dll msft.mib snmp.exe authserv.mib hostmib.dll lmmib2.mib msipbtp.mib snmpmib.dll dhcp.mib hostmib.mib mcastmib.mib msiprip2.mib snmptrap.exe evntagnt.dll http.mib mib_ii.mib nipx.mib wfospf.mib evntcmd.exe inetsrv.mib mipx.mib rfc2571.mib wins.mib   Download

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Apr 10 2009

Monitor AS400 Resources with MRTG

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It is recommended to monitor AS400 CPU load with OID . that returns a value based on 10,000. It needs then to be divided by 100 to get a percentage. The 2nd disadvantage is that the result is slightly wrong, the integer part only being returned. OID HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrProcessorLoad.2 from an IBM i5 520 gives the […]

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