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Sep 24 2016

How to Reuse Exchange SSL Certificate on Apache Web Server

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While generating a Microsoft Exchange/IIS certificate, take the opportunity to add extra domain names and reuse it on Apache web servers. This will save you a few bucks and time, unless the CA provides a certificate for multiple platforms.First off, copy the pfx file generated with Exchange on the Apache web server. The pfx file […]

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Jul 23 2010

Files Required for IIS 6 Installation

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Installation with no CDROM, for windows 2003 server 32/64 bits Should work on XP File list: asp.mfl iiswmi.mof w3ctrs.ini winfoctrs.h2_ asp.mof inetmgr.exe w3dt.dll winfoctrs.in_ axctrnm.h2_ infoadmn.dll w3dt.mfl wisapips.dll axperf.ini infoctrs.dll w3dt.mof wiscomlog.dll browscap.ini infoctrs.h w3isapi.dll wlogscrpt.dll certobj.dll infoctrs.h2_ w3isapi.mfl wlogui.ocx cfscommonuifx.resources.dl_ infoctrs.ini w3isapi.mof wlonsint.dll davcdata.exe isapips.dll w3tp.dll wNEXTLINK.dll davcprox.dll isatq.dll wam.dll wnntpadm.dll exstrace.dll iscomlog.dl_ wamps.dll […]

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