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Nov 30 2012

IPTables Traffic Redirection

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Wether you need to redirect telnet or ssh connections through a server because you don’t have direct access to your final destination or you’re planning a web server migration, traffic forwarding comes in handy in many situations. This is easily achieved on Linux distributions that come with IPtables. Yes, Iptables isn’t just a firewall but […]

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Aug 16 2010

Fortigate Dialup VPN Client Gets no DHCP Lease

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Fortigate Dialup VPN client does not get an IP address although a DHCP pool is created and “DHCP-IPsec” is checked in the phase-2 VPN settings. An IPSEC ESP error is also raised in the event log. Setting a static IP does connect the client.   To solve this, an additional firewall rule needs to be […]

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Feb 09 2010

Network Stats with Iptables

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As any other firewall, iptables is also able to do network statistics reporting. the -v (–verbose) option makes the list command (-L) show the packet and byte counters. Network stats are available on a per rule basis. Here’s an example on the INPUT chain:   [stats@network_server]$ sudo iptables -nvL INPUT Chain INPUT (policy DROP 74941 […]

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