Jan 29 2014

Download extpart and Extend the Windows C: Partition

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Windows 2003 Server and XP do not provide any tool to extend the boot partition. Diskpart, Microsoft default disk manager, works with secondary volumes only.
In this context, Dell have released ExtPart, a free piece of software you can download for free that works on any hardware (I was successful on HP servers).

Download Extpart Dell Basic Disk Expansion on Dell website.
You may get a message it is not 32-bit compatible. Nevermind, this is only a self extract file.
Run extpart.exe on a 32 bit platform and copy the unpacked file onto your 2003 server or PC.
To extend your C: drive, open a command prompt, change directory to extpart’s and run:

extpart.exe C: 1024

This will extend the C: partition by 1 GB (1024MB).
Make sure there’s space left on the disk before you extend the volume.
If you get the “Unable to connect to C: or it does not exist” message, reboot in safe mode and run the command again.

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