Jul 02 2009

Modify QSTRUP startup program

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It may be useful to change Iseries AS400 startup program. You may want to have a permanent mounted share with MKDIR command line for instance.
I’m saying program as QSTRUP is a compiled program, rather than a simple text file.
To get startup program and library, run:


The result is QGPL/QSTRUP in my case.
If you don’t have the source code, You can extract it:


Replace mylib with QGPL as most people store it there, but make a copy of your current source file first
To edit the source code, launch the development manager:


Enter option 3: Members management, file QCLSRC and library QGPL
Enter option 2: EDIT
Go on with the changes and save
Option 14: COMPILE
The new program will run from now on at the next IPL (reboot).
You can also process startup logs. Here’s a really good article: http://www.itjungle.com/tfh/tfh092302-story04.html

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