Jul 02 2009

How to Change AS400 QSTRUP Startup Program

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IBM i / AS400 QSTRUP is the CL program loaded when the system boots and it may be useful to change it. You may want to add the MKDIR command line for instance to have a permanent share mounted.
I’m saying program as QSTRUP is a compiled program, rather than a simple text file.
You can get the QSTRUP name and library from the QSTRUPPGM system value:


The result is QGPL/QSTRUP in my case, which is the default.
If you don’t have the source code, You can extract it:


Replace mylib with QGPL as most people store it there, but make a copy of your current source file first
To edit the source code, launch the development manager:


Enter option 3: Members management, file QCLSRC and library QGPL
Enter option 2: EDIT
Go on with the changes and save
Option 14: COMPILE
The new compiled QSTRUP program will run from now on at the next IPL (initial program load or boot in other systems).
You can also process startup logs to check what is going on after you changed the QSTRUP program.

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