May 17 2018

Browser Driver has Received Too many Illegal Datagrams

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I was getting tons of events ID 8016 labelled “bowser” in the Windows system event log. These might be generated by IBM i (AS400) servers:
“The browser driver has received too many illegal datagrams from the remote computer AS400 to name DOMAIN on transport NetBT_Tcpip_{356179F8-4CA4-48CA-92C2-AFEA87D1F884}. The data is the datagram. No more events will be generated until the reset frequency has expired.”
Here’s how to get rid of them:
Open System i Navigator or Navigator for i
Browse Network, Servers, TCP/IP Servers
Select IBM i NetServer, clic on the Actions tab and select Properties

In the new window, go into the Advanced tab, click on “Next Start”
and untick “Send browse announcements”

You should receive no more illegal datagrams error messages from now on.

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