Sep 17 2014

A few Things to Know about Exchange 2013

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Here are a few issues I came accross while migrating to Exchange 2013.
Add all Exchange servers DNS in your local host files in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, or you may get email stuck in queues, get timeouts while sending emails (some sessions would never get a response to the last dot ending the message)
Could this be due to IPv6 name resolution? There is no choice anyway as it is not recommended to disable IPv6 on Exchange 2013. IPv6 is also enabled on my DC though.
When adding a receive connector, make sure to select “FrontEndTransport” but “HubTransport”.
If you do, you will end up with the SMTP service crashing every few hours and will not receive mail at all!
Sounds insane, but a lot of administrators have experienced it. Check this Microsoft post.
Public folders migration hasn’t worked even with Microsoft documentation.
I could not even remove them since they were created on a previous Exchange version.
My last resort was to remove the entry with Microsoft ADSI Edit tool on the domain controler.
When installing Cumulative Update 3, EMC wouldn’t start throwing an Access denied exception, as mentionned here
That is a lot of shit going on for a new release supposed to be stable! An advice: upgrade to SP1 and apply all following CUs asap!

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