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Sep 06 2015

Remove Files Older Than

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System admins face more and more ever-growing directories storing auto-generated reports by scripts or scheduled tasks. Same goes to temp directories and nobody bother cleaning them up. But isn’t it our job? Here are 2 simple scripts that can be run every so often to delete files older than say 30 days for instance. The […]

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Jul 11 2015

Exchange Addressbook Does Not Update in Outlook

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When I update Exchange 2013 Address Book (phone number or whatever), Outlook does not seem to get updated, even the next day. You can workaround this disabling Outlook cache but most people want to have access to the address book while offline. Another way is to force Exchange to refresh the offline address book (OAB). […]

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Jun 04 2015

Uninstall Microsoft Exchange 2010

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Exchange 2010 uninstall wizard will throw some errors unless you previously go through the following steps. Warning: this will remove all mailboxes, contacts, etc… hosted on Exchange! There’s no step back! We assume this is the last Exchange server. If not, be more specific on mailboxes to be removed, like specify -Database for instance, or […]

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