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May 01 2013

Change Linux Keyboard

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One can change the current session keyboard mapping with loadkeys. To load the French keyboard map, simply run loadkeys fr   Available keymaps can be found in /lib/kbd/keymaps/ You can even create your own

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Mar 11 2013

Windows 2003 RDP Extra Session

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Windows 2003 Server is provided with 2 remote desktop sessions for administration. If another session is initiated, you will get the following error message: The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections   To workaround this, you can start an hidden extra session running: mstsc /admin or /console   Type in your […]

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Feb 05 2013

No SNMP Response from Fortigate 100D

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Even though SNMP is enabled on the internal interface, I get a timeout running cfgmaker (to configure MRTG) or snmpwalk. I did not get this issue on a Fortiwifi 60B.   The trick is you have to configure the management interface and query that interface if you want to get SNMP information for all other […]

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