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Oct 01 2010

Troubleshoot and Monitor Traffic on PIX/ASA

Published by under Cisco

How to troubleshoot traffic going through your PIX or ASA firewall while response times are extremely slow, bandwidth flat-lining or unusually high, or download speeds down to 0?   Access Lists Statistics If you filter incoming traffic with access lists, you may get a quick overview of what kind of traffic is coming through your […]

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Aug 16 2010

GLPI Ticket User Group Auto Assignment

Published by under GLPI

GLPI user has to select the group he belongs to when creating a ticket or else the field remains empty. This stored procedure automatically assigns all tickets to the user’s group. Setup a cron job to run it every so often.   begin update SI_BD.glpi_tracking t set t.fk_group= ( SELECT FROM SI_BD.glpi_users u, SI_BD.glpi_groups […]

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Aug 16 2010

Fortigate Dialup VPN Client Gets no DHCP Lease

Published by under Fortinet

Fortigate Dialup VPN client does not get an IP address although a DHCP pool is created and “DHCP-IPsec” is checked in the phase-2 VPN settings. An IPSEC ESP error is also raised in the event log. Setting a static IP does connect the client.   To solve this, an additional firewall rule needs to be […]

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