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Oct 02 2016

Double Microsoft Exchange and Mail Relay on a Remote Site

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You have an Exchange server (or cluster) that communicates to the outside world through a mail relay (also called smarthost in Microsoft terminology), usually in a DMZ. You’d now like to give some high availability to this infrastructure, that could ideally cover a disaster recovery plan. This can be achieved doubling servers on a second […]

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Sep 17 2014

4 Things to Know Before Migrating to Exchange 2013

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You are about to migrate mail servers to Exchange 2013? Here are a few issues I came across while migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2013. Please read first. 1/ I had to add all Exchange servers DNS entries in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, since email got stuck in queues. I was also getting timeouts while sending emails (some sessions would […]

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Aug 27 2014

LVS: a Free Load-Balancer for Microsoft Exchange

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Microsoft Exchange traffic can be load-balanced with Microsoft NLB but it requires to set up 4 Exchange servers for the sake that NLB isn’t compatible with Exchange cluster. Most Microsoft guys do not recommend it.Among NLB downsides, Exchange services are monitored with a basic ping, meaning the service is considered to be active even if […]

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Apr 16 2012

Slow Opening of Office Files through a Network

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Your Excel files on remote networks take up to 2 minutes to load? You think there’s something wrong with your VPN or you need to tune Office? Not at all, here’s how to load your files in just a few seconds! I couldn’t understand why my remote files were so slow to open from a Windows […]

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