Jul 23 2010

Download IIS 6 Files for Windows

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You want to install IIS feature on Windows 2003 Server or Windows XP but don’t have the installation CD anymore. Here you will find the following list of files required for IIS 6 that are available for download.
They should also work on Windows XP

Exhaustive file list:

asp.mfl                      iiswmi.mof    w3ctrs.ini     winfoctrs.h2_
asp.mof                      inetmgr.exe   w3dt.dll       winfoctrs.in_
axctrnm.h2_                  infoadmn.dll  w3dt.mfl       wisapips.dll
axperf.ini                   infoctrs.dll  w3dt.mof       wiscomlog.dll
browscap.ini                 infoctrs.h    w3isapi.dll    wlogscrpt.dll
certobj.dll                  infoctrs.h2_  w3isapi.mfl    wlogui.ocx
cfscommonuifx.resources.dl_  infoctrs.ini  w3isapi.mof    wlonsint.dll
davcdata.exe                 isapips.dll   w3tp.dll       wNEXTLINK.dll
davcprox.dll                 isatq.dll     wam.dll        wnntpadm.dll
exstrace.dll                 iscomlog.dl_  wamps.dll      wrpcref.dll
gzip.dll                     langpack.exe  wamreg.dll     wseo.dll
httpmib.dll                  logscrpt.dll  wamregps.dll   wsmtpapi.dll
httpodbc.dll                 logtemp.sql   wasp.mf_       wssinc.dll
IIS6.CAB                     logui.ocx     wasp.mo_       wstaxmem.dll
iisadmin.mfl                 lonsint.dll   waxctrnm.h2_   wuihelper.dll
iisadmin.mof                 NEXTLINK.dll  waxperf.in_    ww3cache.dll
iisapp.vbs                   nntpadm.dll   wbrowscap.in_  ww3core.mf_
iisback.vbs                  nntpsnap.cnt  wcertobj.dll   ww3core.mo_
iisclex4.dll                 nntpsnap.hlp  wdavcdata.exe  ww3ctrlps.dll
iiscnfg.vbs                  rpcref.dll    wdavcprox.dll  ww3ctrs.dl_
iisext.vbs                   rwnh.dll      wexstrace.dll  ww3ctrs.h2_
IIsFtpdr.vbs                 seo.dll       wgzip.dll      ww3ctrs.in_
IIsFtp.vbs                   smtpapi.dll   whttpmib.dll   ww3dt.dl_
iislog.dll                   smtpsnap.cnt  whttpodbc.dll  ww3isapi.dl_
iis.msc                      smtpsnap.hlp  wiislog.dll    ww3isapi.mf_
iismui.dll                   ssinc.dll     wiis.ms_       ww3isapi.mo_
iisres.dll                   staxmem.dll   wiismui.dll    ww3tp.dll
iisreset.exe                 svcext.dll    wiisres.dll    wwam.dll
iisrstap.dll                 uihelper.dll  wiisreset.exe  wwamps.dll
iisrstas.exe                 w3cache.dll   wiisrstap.dll  wwamreg.dll
iis_switch.vbs               w3core.mfl    wiisrtl.dll    wwamrgps.dll
iisvdir.vbs                  w3core.mof    winetmgr.exe
iisweb.vbs                   w3ctrlps.dll  winfoadmn.dll
iiswmi.mfl                   w3ctrs.h2_    winfoctrs.dll


Download IIS files download IIS files
Browse to the directory files where downloaded to when installing IIS.

Also download files for SNMP installation on Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server.

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