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Jun 04 2015

Uninstall Microsoft Exchange 2010

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Microsoft Exchange 2010 uninstall wizard throws some errors unless you previously go through the following steps. ⚠ This will remove all mailboxes, contacts, etc…! There’s no way back ⚠ We assume this is the last Exchange server. If not, be more specific on mailboxes to be removed, with -database for instance, or -server on connectors. […]

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May 26 2015

Run AS400 Session on Windows Startup

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You may need to launch AS400 sessions at boot for various reasons such as automated scripts or print sessions. Here are a few pitfalls you may encounter. First of all, sessions wouldn’t launch without pcsws.exe extra parameters /H – for Hidden – and eventually /Q – to hide the IBM popup window. pcsws.exe options are […]

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May 23 2015

AS400 Printing to a Windows Printer Share

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IBM i can communicate with a Windows printer share using the LDP Unix protocol. This is so much better than a Client Access printer session since it relies on a simple share and a Windows service. There is no need to start a session manually. On Windows On the Windows server, open server manager, add […]

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May 06 2015

How to Deny / Force VLAN Access to a Mac Address on Cisco

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Different methods exists to filter out mac addresses on a switch such as:– port security,– mac access lists or even– 802.1x port-based authentication with Radius. Mac access ACL require a higher end switch while 802.1x authentication is a pretty heavy setup and needs to manage a mac address database on a Radius server.Port security allows […]

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Apr 19 2015

Deploy IBM iSeries Client Access with Windows Group Policies

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Client Access can be deployed by GPO with the MSI file provided in the installation directory. However you will have to create a MST file containing custom parameters that will add up to the MSI. Create a Transform file The transform file contains customized settings you may apply to the software you are going to […]

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