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Aug 12 2010

Backup a Directory when Modified

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I use this script to keep a full local backup of my tftp directory on Linux. It keeps the archive only if some of the files were modified. It can be used for any directory indeed. There are the files produced:   [root@tftp_server backup]$ ls -l -rw-r—– 1 tftp tftp 124200 May 1 04:04 tftp-20100501.tgz […]

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Oct 11 2006

Archive Accounting Records in Freeradius

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Logging Radius accounting into Mysql database can fill up a lot of space. Some performance issues will arise at some stage as well, especially if traffic reporting scripts are to be added to the overall system. That’s why we added a new table to archive older Freeradius accounting records. Motivations We can of course delete […]

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