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May 11 2013

Freeradius Usage Graphs

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Radius servers generate a lot of accounting records. Is it worth keeping them? Damn yeah! Beside the fact they could be used to check if a customer was connected at a given date, or find out who got IP address X.X.X.X that same day, the most interesting is to generate traffic reports and show customers […]

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Oct 01 2010

Troubleshoot and Monitor Traffic on PIX/ASA

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How to troubleshoot traffic going through your PIX or ASA firewall while response times are extremely slow, bandwidth flat-lining or unusually high, or download speeds down to 0?   Access Lists Statistics If you filter incoming traffic with access lists, you may get a quick overview of what kind of traffic is coming through your […]

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Feb 09 2010

Network Stats with Iptables

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As any other firewall, iptables is also able to do network statistics reporting. the -v (–verbose) option makes the list command (-L) show the packet and byte counters. Network stats are available on a per rule basis. Here’s an example on the INPUT chain:   [stats@network_server]$ sudo iptables -nvL INPUT Chain INPUT (policy DROP 74941 […]

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