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Apr 16 2012

Slow Opening of Office Files through a Network

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Your Excel files on remote networks take up to 2 minutes to load? You think there’s something wrong with your VPN or you need to tune Office? Not at all, here’s how to load your files in just a few seconds!   I couldn’t understand why my remote files were so slow to open from […]

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Jan 12 2011

Store Windows Credentials

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Windows prompt for a login and password when the current logged in user wants to access a share on a different domain or workgroup. It is possible to store identification information or “credentials” so you’re not prompted for the login and password every time you access the Windows share.   Command Line   Server_address can […]

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Aug 20 2009

File server cluster on Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition

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Most of us already know cluster features aren’t provided on Windows 2003 server Standard Edition. The thing is you’ve got a shared storage space but you can’t (or don’t want to) afford 2 Windows Enterprise licences just for a file server. There is DFS indeed but one acknowledge it is a pity to replicate data […]

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