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Jan 16 2011

DFS Replication, Watch out!

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Based on advice from a Microsoft techie, I decided to set up DFS (Distributed File System) on a few remote sites about a year ago. Sceptical at first, The rpoduct is so disappointing that I decided to warn people who haven’t made their mind up.   Here are 6 good reasons NOT to use DFS: […]

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Apr 18 2007

Mysql Failover

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When a Mysql server contains critical data, it’s always a good idea to rely on more than one server. Implementing a cluster would be ideal in this situation and could offer a high availability setup. It gives the option to replace a node if it fails with no disruption of service or even data loss. […]

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Apr 01 2007

Mysql Replication

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Having a few databases running on Mysql with tables growing to several millions of rows, backups become pretty heavy. If the server fails, it can mean several hours lost, working on setting up a new server and reimporting the data from the backup. I’m not even talking about the potential financial loss due to the […]

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