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Jan 14 2011

Multipathed iSCSI SAN Disks on Linux

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Here are a few steps to configure iSCSI disks on Linux. Although I set this up on a Redhat Enterprise 5.5 connected to an HP MSA 2012i, the whole configuration remains generic and can be applied to any SAN. I will add another post to check how both Linux and Windows perform on the same […]

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Aug 20 2009

File server cluster on Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition

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Most of us already know cluster features aren’t provided on Windows 2003 server Standard Edition. The thing is you’ve got a shared storage space but you can’t (or don’t want to) afford 2 Windows Enterprise licences just for a file server. There is DFS indeed but one acknowledge it is a pity to replicate data […]

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Aug 30 2008

Channel Bonding on Linux

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Channel bonding – or port truncking – gives the ability to apply a policy to a group of network interfaces. It is then possible to load-balance the traffic accross different ports, or keep one aside for failover.   Module Loading Declare the channel bonding bond0 interface into /etc/modprobe.conf # Channel Bonding alias bond0 bonding options […]

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